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If you are worried about how your child is performing in school, you have come to the right place. Warren Shillingburg of provides educational advice to help you enhance the learning capability of your child. You can ask him about any educational issue or concern you may have, and he will provide you with current, best practices in the field to answer your concerns.

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Discover different approaches to fostering learning with the help of Warren Shillingburg in Gilbert, Arizona. He gives sound, educational advice and assessments at In this website, parents and educators can send Dr. S questions on how to effectively teach children from elementary through college-level students. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, he has gained the necessary knowledge and expertise to offer sound advice. To learn more about his background, view his resume.


How to Post a Question

Post as many questions, ideas, or suggestions as you want by simply sending an email. Please note that your questions may be posted on the website so other people can learn something from our discussion. After sending your question, Dr. Shillingburg will try to get back to you within 24 hours. Share as much information as you can so he can assess your situation better.


Dr. S  believes that your concerns will be of great help to other parents or teachers who are experiencing the same problems. If he thinks your discussion will benefit a broader audience, he will be posting it for the public to see. Rest assured that all identifying names will be omitted. However, if you do not want your story to be made public, please state this in your email and he will grant your request. For further information, contact him today.

Blog to Look Forward to

Dr. Shillingburg is currently setting up a blog where he will discuss different topics of interest, so be sure to check back. In this blog, you can share your opinions and get in touch with Dr. S any time you want.

Watch out for His Book

Aside from the blog, he is also working on a book about talent development in children. He will be posting excerpts from his work soon. Dr. S would welcome your feedback and comments.

Improve your child’s learning capability with the help of an educational psychologist.


About Warren Shillingburg

Give the emotional support your child needs with the help of Warren Shillingburg, an educational psychologist at in Gilbert, Arizona. Specializing in talent development, he provides free online consultation services to parents and teachers in regards to their child or student. He specializes in assessing the various factors affecting the learning ability of a student.

For more than 30 years, Warren Shillingburg has been assisting parents, principals, and teachers in educating their children. Since launching this service, he has already answered more than 500 inquiries from people all over the world. Understanding the learning abilities of your students helps resolve parent-child conflicts as well as increases their social wellbeing. With his extensive background in educational psychology, you will never go wrong in choosing Dr. S as your trusted advisor.


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